Arnitel® EB464

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【Name】:Arnitel® EB464
【Parameter】:42 Shore D, Blow Molding Grade

    High impact or impact modified; Heat stabilized or stable to heat

Industry Automotive
Material Arnitel® EB464 - TPC-ET

Processing Technology Injection Molding
Description Reliability and durability reduce maintenance needs on joints In front-wheel drive cars, CV Joint boots retain the joint grease and protect against mud, water and salt. Arnitel demonstrates excellent low-temperature fatigue behavior, long-term abrasion resistance and long-term, high-heat grease resistance up to 100ºC. TPE-E's offer several advantages over chloroprene (CR) rubbers. They are recyclable; using 30% recycled material will lower boot prices. They also offer better product consistency producing a higher quality and longer lifetime (100.000 - 300.000 kilometers). Lower centrifugal expansion, particularly at high speeds, results in better boot performance with downsized design (i.e thinner wall thickness). Less maintenance with lower deformation and better thermal, low-temperature and abrasion resistance, means lower reject levels. Arnitel shows excellent long-term abrasion resistance when tested at room temperature. CV Joint boots made from Arnitel EB464 withstand more than three times the minimum test requirement. Arnitel EB464 also performs well in long-term, grease heat aging tests at 100ºC, exceeding the market's minimum requirements. In addition, Arnitel processes well on blow molding equipment due to its stable parison.
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