Stanyl® TW241F6

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【Name】:Stanyl® TW241F6
【Parameter】:30% Glass Reinforced, Heat Stabilized, Lubricated

30% Glass Reinforced, Heat Stabilized, Lubricated

Industry Automotive
Material Stanyl® TW241F6 - PA46-GF30

Processing Technology Injection Molding
Description A sprocket is used in the transmission engine to power the rear axle of a scooter, and in the clutch and torsional dampening. A sprocket teeth ring is used to convert rotational into transversal energy, guiding the chain to the rear axle. The ring is fixed to the hub with a nitrile rubber seal.Stanyl® TW241F6 was chosen for use in the sprocket and teeth ring. It was important that the application pass a torque test of 27 kgm at 6500 RPM and maintain dimensional integrity during operation with no breakage (strength and impact). Other requirements included prolonged life time ( low wear on the teeth), dimensional integrity during transfer molding of the nitrile rubber (170ºC), adhesion to the nitrile rubber, and resistance to engine oil. Stanyl® TW241F6 provided excellent wear properties (low abrasion), good fatigue resistance, high heat distortion temperature, and adhesion to the nitrile rubber. Stanyl® extended life time of this application by outperforming PA66 in abrasion resistance.

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